Edifier Luna5 Encore: Sleek And Stylish Speaker

Edifier Luna5 Encore: Sleek And Stylish Speaker


Edifier Luna5 Encore: Sleek And Stylish Speaker

This speaker is not only eco-friendly, it’s an absolute beauty of a ‘room piece’, one that will fit into any stylish flat or house; the shape of the speaker is totally unique, sort of like a massive upside-down black tear drop that happens to provide a fantastic level of sound.

The 5-driver speaker system features iDevice docking as well as an auxiliary input so that you can hook a laptop up to it instead of using speakers. The speaker is ROHS certified (restriction of hazardous substances) and manufactured under eco-friendly and humanitarian conditions; the actual company Edifier itself is committed to running facilities that constantly work to lessen environmental impact, which you can learn more about on their website.

Edifier Luna5 Encore: Sleek And Stylish Speaker
What a beauty!

Now for the technological bit…as the speaker system incorporates unique vibration and resonance control technologies for stellar audio, the actual sound quality is second to none; we set one up in the iPAC offices and have been blaring out the tunes for the last few days, knowing that whatever sound pollution we’re creating is balanced out by our lack of energy waste. (Plus, it means that I can rock out to Purple Rain with much less irony than listening to it on a power-draining sound system.)

This speaker is available in black and white and has a built-in FM tuner and remote control so that you can manage the track selection and volume from anywhere in the room. What I really like about the Edifier is how snugly it fits into a room compared with how gigantic the sound emanating from it can be; seriously, I’m expecting complaints from the neighbours any day now, but all I have to do is chuck my coat over it and it’s hidden!

Available at: Edifier and Amazon
Price: $299
Website: www.edifier-international.com and Amazon.

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