Bloody Western: Take on Tombstone Style Slaughter with Your Friends

Bloody Western: Take on Tombstone Style Slaughter with Your Friends


Bloody Western iPhone App Review

Hook yourself up with one of the hottest new ways to play games with your friends to hit the App Store. Bloody Western is a cowboy themed entry into the online simulation games genre from Mobicle, and it takes its basic structure from other social network games like Facebooks Vampires and Mafia Wars. But Bloodlines offers plenty more than the same old concept with a new skin—read along to find out how.

Choose your weapon. Well, no, your weapon is going to be a revolver (though you may be packing more than that—a knife is a good idea) regardless. Choose, instead, what side of the law you choose to play: Sheriff or Outlaw. Then, decide what your goal is: straight up badassery, your bank account, or fighting for justice. Each of these options shapes the way the game will play out for your character. You’re in the Old West, and the battle to win it is raging. You’ll enhance your reputation, skills, and up your levels, but you’ll also face off against other players in order to determine who’s the deadliest shot and the most hustlin’ gambler in the West.

If you’ve played online social games with an RPG set up, you’ll be familiar with the basic menus in Bloody Western. You spent a variety of point types to take part in different ways to enhance your character and gather gold by tapping on main screen options like quests, businesses, dueling, shop, refresh, and so forth. Quests are the main way of progressing through the game, and you’ll earn both experience and gold by spending your activity points by questing. Dueling points are spent dueling other players, which involves choosing an opponent from a list and tapping bullets as they show red in order to up your chances of victory. You’ll purchase businesses, and then collect payouts from them overtime. And you’ll heal yourself (if you’re too impatient to wait) with a trip to the lodge under “refresh,” where you can take a nap or get a massage from a lady of the night. Civilized society hasn’t arrived on the frontier yet, cowpoke.

The game’s sheer size makes it fun to play. Not only do you have oodles of quests and plenty of dueling and gambling to occupy your time at each level, but you can buy a mount and travel to other parts of the map which offer other opportunities. And of course, the social aspect is one of the game’s best main features. You’ll increase your posse—and the quests you’ll be able to carry out—by inviting your friends to play with you. Bloody Western is one of the most enjoyable, epically proportioned games for guys in the App Store.

Another reason it’s so enjoyable is the way it looks and sounds. Every detail has been addressed to give it an untamed frontier feeling. From the saloon girl’s frisky expression, to each and every item you can equip your character with, Bloody Western is true to its theme. It’s fantastic for those who are tired of the cutesy cartoons that have overrun iTunes and prefer more serious games.

To top it off, Bloody Western is free to download. That’s not to say you won’t get impatient and want to hit up the in-app purchases—but that’s totally up to you. It’s in iTunes, check it out!



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