Cool Smart Case For iPad 2

Cool Smart Case For iPad 2


Cool Smart Case For iPad 2
Everything needs a little protection now and again, not least you iPad 2, which is probably one of your most treasured possessions, no?! Well, here’s one case that will give your iPad 2 the guarding that it needs whilst making it look pretty funky at the same time.

The Aviiq smart case has a slim and protective design and consists of durable plastic, which is encased, in a solid aluminium plate; this makes it both lightweight and tough against drops and knocks. It comes in arrange of colours, but my favourite is the metallic red that glints in the light. For under $50 you can’t really go wrong, as replacing your iPad 2 or even paying the insurance premium will cost a lot more than that. If you are going to get a case for your iPad 2 (which you really, really should) this one is as good as any; it’s got our vote!

Price: $49.99
Link: Smart Case for iPad 2



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