Burn The Rope: Hot Hot Hot!

Burn The Rope: Hot Hot Hot!


We’re back to the bonfire and camping ground in the woods with “Burn the Rope Worlds”. The premise of the game is that you’re a color-coded flame that must eat up an entire rope. I enjoyed burning my way through the levels.

Choosing from three game modes and a “Puzzle of the Day”, the makers behind this game have done a fabulous job in giving us a game that takes advantage of Apple’s orientation mechanics: fire burns up, so make sure your platform is well aligned.

For a game that was passed back and forth from one programmer to another and taking nearly 3 months to complete, it finally made it into the app world as a great app with 60 levels to play and fascinating game dynamics. The game designer is said to have always played with fire burning down his mom’s favorite garden plant as a kid.

We can rest assured that playing this game will re-ignite some bonafide moments as well as the joy we’ve all had burning ants (yes, you can burn ants in the game).


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