8 Most Commonly Cited Reasons Why Custom Phone Cases Make Great Gifts

8 Most Commonly Cited Reasons Why Custom Phone Cases Make Great Gifts


If you have a special person in your life that you want to make happy on a meaningful occasion, finding the right gift to bring out that beaming smile is not always easy. The cliched items like candy, flowers, and dinner are just saying that you knew about the special day and did not put any forethought into it. But there are some gifts that show your effort and keep on giving every day, like a custom phone case.

Like regular phone cases, custom cases come in multiple designs and can be created for just about any type of phone because they’re, well, custom-made. And when you choose to purchase a customized phone case for your loved one, you are telling them that you put thought in ahead of time to consider what they could really need and would appreciate.

Have you ever seen someone with a customized phone case? Maybe it had their children on it or their favorite pet. Maybe it was simply a design that makes them happy. Whatever was on it, you probably had that little twang of envy that you didn’t have a customized case, too. Chances are, your loved one has experienced that same feeling but didn’t want to spend the money on customizing a phone case or just didn’t know how to go about getting one.

Recent studies have shown that your phone case is now considered a basic part of your wardrobe. phone casesYet people on a budget or people who would rather buy for others and put themselves last covet these accessories but won’t spend money on themselves to get one.

Because of these and many other reasons, custom phone cases have hit the list of the top things to get your loved ones as gifts. Here are 8 more reasons why you need to jump on board and show you care through the thoughtful presentation of a customized phone case.

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8 Reasons to Give Someone the Gift of a Custom Phone Case

1. It shows you know someone’s tastes and likes. Buying a phone case off the shelf at a store for someone could totally backfire. You may find yourself falling for the trap of the designs you like instead of those that the recipient would enjoy. There are only a certain number of cases offered in the selection, and the variety is minimal.

But with a custom phone case, it is created with the receiver in mind. If you know one or two things they really are passionate about, it’s easy to transfer those into the case. You might be able to find a way to create a case that reminds them of their favorite city or a flower that they love, or simply has pictures of their favorite people on them.

By taking the time to have their gift custom made, you are silently telling them that you pay attention to the things they enjoy in life.

2. It makes you look good. Okay, so maybe this is a little selfish, but hey, one of the best parts of giving is how it makes you feel good, too. When you give a customized phone case as a gift, it shows the receiver that you put in the time and effort to think ahead, remember the important upcoming occasion well in advance, and go out of your way to make something special for them.

Anyone can give someone a gift card or a universal gift that everyone needs (like pot holders! Doesn’t everyone need pot holders?). Going above and beyond the call of duty to have a custom phone case made will make them extra happy with you, making you feel extra happy, too, that you were able to make them smile so well.

3. Custom phone cases actually provide protection for the phone, too. Some cute cases are flimsy and don’t provide any support in regards to keeping your phone from being damaged. Not only are they not durable, but they may also even cause your phone more damage just because they are so flimsy.

Between the problems from a cracked case and the water damage that can occur without the proper protection, some phone cases are just better left on the shelf. However, you can give the gift of a custom phone case and help your accident-prone friend avoid the hefty fees of fixing a cracked screen at the same time.

Decorative phone cases don’t have to equate to not durable. Now, a case can pretty or interesting and still be functional. Protective cases allow your phone to be able to fall and it bounces, cushioning the phone from damage.

Even with insurance for accidental phone damage, most phone companies have started charging a hefty deductible to fix or replace your broken phone. Instead of letting your friend deal with the financial and emotional stress of a cracked phone, give them the gift of a custom phone case with a personalized cover that adds protection through a tough bumper case.

Not all custom phone cases are created equally, though. Check around at sites like customenvy.com to find quality custom cases that also provide bumper and screen protection.

4. It’s a unique gift that keeps on giving. Custom phone cases are created especially with the user in mind, so they are unique by definition. They are also not a commonly thought of gift in this world of thinking of the immediate future only. Instead, most people receive quick and easy presents like gift cards, gift certificates, and candy.

Custom phone cases let the receiver have a phone case that no one else has. Whether you use one of their favorite photos or one of the unique stock designs that many of these custom gift companies offer, the odds of running into someone with the same case are slim to none.

And since it’s made from their own favorite things, a custom phone case is a gift that keeps on giving because every time the receiver goes to use their smartphone (which we all know is probably hundreds of times a day), it will make them smile.

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5. You are helping them be fashionable. As the above article said, phone cases are now looked at as part of your overall ensemble. The initial phone cases were minimally designed and were more for the screen and edge protection than for aesthetics. Now, however, you can easily match your phone case to your outfit – and even, for some people, to your nail polish!

6. They are inexpensive but not tacky. You can expect to pay slightly more for a custom phone case than you would for the off-the-shelf cases at the mall or your phone store, but the variety is endless and the quality is comparable, if not better. However, even with the added costs, phone cases are still inexpensive enough to not break your budget and not be seen as a “cheap gift.”

In fact, they are so reasonably priced that you may even look into getting one…or two…or a few for yourself so you can be the envy of others and maybe even match your phone case to your outfit and your nail polish, too! Why let everyone else have all the fun?

7. You can personalize them. Sure, a custom phone case is automatically personalized for the recipient. But did you know that in addition to choosing the design you want to be created for the case, you can also add your own personal text?

Go the extra step to think of a cheesy but sweet saying, add a monogram, or simply embellish the case with the recipient’s name. That extra little flair may mean the world to the person you give the gift to and let them think of you every time they see it.

8. If the case breaks, you can reorder it! With many custom-made gifts, they are irreplaceable. You don’t want to use them because you are worried they will break or somehow become damaged. But with a custom phone case, even though it is unique and personalized for the user, if it breaks, you can always order another one!

Custom Phone Cases – The Gift That Makes Everyone Smile

How can you not smile when you are presented with a gift that truly shows that the giver put in the time, though an effort to your likes and needs? And how can you not be happy when you look at your phone case and immediately are reminded that someone cared enough to design a case just for you?

Custom phone cases are the gift that makes everyone smile. Between seeing your favorite image and phrase every time you reach for your phone and knowing that someone cared enough to have it created for you, a custom phone case is truly one of the best presents you can receive.

And as the person giving it to someone, the feel-good rewards are intrinsic and endless. It’s a total win-win situation!


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