Five Biggest Reasons Your Product Launches Fail

Five Biggest Reasons Your Product Launches Fail


After releasing your products multiple times, you should already encounter dozens of unintentional mistakes. These mistakes should teach business owners valuable lesson on how to keep their products in the market. Mistakes may happen time after time, but very serious ones could prevent you from successfully launching your products.

It’s not designed for users: Your products are not for you, they are for users. For some people, it can be a challenge to build something for other people. If you successfully make these products for them, consumers will consistently pick your products off the shelf. As always, you need to have a strong understanding and empathy to adjust products based on user pain points and lifestyle. Proper market research can help businesses navigate through the process.

Waiting until products are perfect: It is a great thing if you launch only perfect products. However, waiting too long for products to reach a desired level of perfection is a common reason for launch failure. We sometimes see how perfectionist entrepreneurs tweak their products all the timethe and it is more likely for them to delay launches until their products are completely perfect. Instead of using our standard of perfection, it is better to focus more on user feedback. If you wait too long, you may miss the opportunity and competitors will already grab stronger share in the market, despite the relative imperfections of their products. Focus on feedback from users and you will create more desirable and stronger products. You will have plenty of chance to continue improving the product in the next production batches and iterations.

Ignoring user feedback: It is a bad idea to see consumers as ignorant, non-technical individuals. Users often have great alternative insights in your products. They can tell you whether your products are working well or not. Feedbacks allow you to continuously iron out any problem and bug. When dealing with customers, you need to be honest and open.

Taking too much investment without proper planning: Researching, manufacturing, distributing and marketing products require a lot of money. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take any offer for investment too soon. It is important to perform the bootstrapping method, so you are able to fully understand about the ins and outs of your operations. This will allow you to make better strategic decisions. If you get a lot of funds, you need to scale quickly; because you will soon need to repay the loan and along with its interest. But, there’s still a possibility that your company scales up too quickly and it will crumble due to the weak foundations. It takes time to build brand awareness and a strong foothold in the market. If you have a huge chunk of loan kept unused in the bank account, you are already losing money by paying interest regularly.

You are in it only for the money: It is tough to build a startup and in some cases, failure is a real possibility. But, you will fight an uphill battle if your sole focus is to get a lot of money and be rich. Many successful businesspeople reach wealth and fame because they are passionate. They believe in their products and work tirelessly to make their offering look better. Many entrepreneurs often sacrifice time, money and even sleep to focus on something they are passionate about. Often, only passion and motivation that propel you during more difficult times.

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