5 Top iPhone 4S Accessories For Christmas

5 Top iPhone 4S Accessories For Christmas

image courtesy of photojojo.com

Smartphone users are always likely to buy accessories and packaging for the handset that helps it stand out from the crowd, as well as emphasising its assets. Bling bases, adorned with diamantes as well as even solid gold cases, there are accessories on the market to match each owners taste and budget.

1. One manufacturer, iFixit has decided that instead of dressing up the iPhone 4S, any accessory should be stripped back to show the workings under the bonnet. The 4S has an A5 chip and dual core processor making it Apple’s most powerful iPhone yet. Instead of covering up the components that have made it such a successful handset, iFixit are showing it off with a transparent glass black panel. Available for $29.95 the panel can be fitted simply using a screwdriver.

2. Eye-catching but not especially bling. For those looking to store their iPhone 4S somewhere stylish, Calypso Crystal are offering a crystal dock. The firm launched a range of handmade docks in four designs. They start at 99 euros and come in a jewellery style box. The crystal is cut, polished and then handcrafted into the required design. Earlier this year the same company launched a collection of iPhone cases with titanium frames.

3. For those looking for cases and accessories equally as stylish but a little bit more affordable, Case-Mate have released a range of Christmas themed cases especially for the iPhone 4 and 4S including a Santa Snowman coloured case for $35 each.  Have yourself a very merry Christmas by adorning your iPhone with this fun and funky case.

4. Another popular accessory comes for those not used to typing on a virtual touchscreen keyboard. Concord Keystone make an iPhone 4S case with a Bluetooth Keyboard, complete with QWERTY layout, ready to slide out from beneath. The keyboard is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery that gives about 30 hours use. It also has a USB charge function.

5. For those wanting to make the most of the iPhone 4S’ improved 8 megapixel camera, Photojojo has released a case for the handset with three unique lenses designed for taking snaps. The iPhone Lens Dial comes with a telephoto lens, a fish eye and wide angle lens. The case is made of aluminium and they are available from around $250. For those who like using the device as an alternative to a digital camera, this may be a reasonably expensive purchase, but a definite maybe for the Christmas list to make the most out of picture taking on the move.

iPhone 4S accessories will be high on the Christmas list for Apple users who want to personalise their new handsets. Whether armed with a budget of a few pounds or right up to a luxury purchase, manufacturers have every base covered. Practical, ingenious or just ideal for showing off, there is an accessory for every taste, making the iPhone 4S you own.

Simon Drew works for Best Mobile Contracts, a UK based mobile phone website.


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