Tiny Tap Rat: Eat That Cheese!

Tiny Tap Rat: Eat That Cheese!


Tiny Tap Rat iPhone App Review

It can’t be an easy life, being a rat; you’re not cute, every house owner hates you and your name is synonymous with a love cheat and a mafia informant. This is why I was glad when the fun and engaging iPhone game Tiny Tap Rat took the side of the rodent and puts you in control of saving our four-legged friend’s life.

Tiny Tap Rat opens up to the strains of a timpani drum setting the beat to a melodic xylophone musical piece as you navigate the menu that offers options for ‘Play’, ‘Game Centre’, ‘News’ (a free email service that offers you information, updates and promo codes for the developer’s latest apps – a very nice touch) and ‘More Games’.

Tiny Tap Rat iPhone App Review
What sort of kitchen is this anyway?!

Once you are in ‘Play’ mode, you can view the ‘Story’, which tells of a chef and his troubles in the kitchen, chasing rats out of his food; it also explains which food is edible for the rat (cheese, peppers), which food should be avoided (pepperoni) and how much energy you can lose before the rat keels over for good.

Even rats need dietary advice…

You start on the first level, which is ‘Pepperoni Power Pizza’ and move up the food chain (literally) as you unlock levels that progress to ‘Rich Gold Sweet Potato’ and ‘Meditaliano Pizza’. The rat crawls along the screen at a quick pace and you touch the screen to control its direction; if you move over the good veggies, it chomps them down, but if you gobble down a pepperoni, you lose a quarter of your health. The knives that are littered across the screen mean instant death, as does wandering off the screen to the side. It’s pretty tough, especially as some pepperonis seem to be strategically placed so that you cannot get past without eating one, however it is very addictive and pretty fun to boot.


  • The graphics are very vibrant with beautiful colours and a comical cartoonish rat.
  • Each level gets more intricate and intense.
  • Its free! What are you waiting for?!


The controls are hard to master at first, (tip: keep your finger on the screen, near the rat and you will be able to maneuver the rodent much more sharply).



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