30 Watt Announces a New Line Of PrankPacks

30 Watt Announces a New Line Of PrankPacks


30 Watt Announces A New Line Of PrankPacks

Those crazy pranksters at 30 Watt have unveiled a new line of PrankPacks. The new collection furthers 30 Watt’s previous success with three new styles of fake, confusing, laughter-inducing gift boxes.

The iDrive is a steering wheel mount for your tablet computer, the Bathe and Brew is a coffeemaker that attaches to your showerhead, and the Toe Tunes consists of slipper speakers that will “revolutionize the portable music market.”

Fear not, these are not actual gifts! The PrankPacks allows a gift giver to place a real present inside a fake gift box, in the hope that the confused gift recipient wonders why they have been given such bizarre gifts and attempts to conceal their lack of enthusiasm.

As the receiver opens the PrankPack box, the first thing they notice will be a bright yellow flap stating “Prank You!”, and quickly realize that the gift is really not what the PrankPack advertises.

“Who doesn’t like to punk their family and friends by giving them a wrapped PrankPack?” said Arik Nordby, creative director at 30 Watt. “Then you just sit back, watch them unwrap it and revel in their half-hearted enthusiasm! After all, what exactly does one do with a coffeemaker attached to a showerhead?”

Available at: www.prankpack.com
Price: $8.00 a piece or 3 for $20.00


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