Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD


Anomaly Warzone Earth HD iPhone App Review

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD turns the tower defence game concept on its head, pitting you against the towers as you plot your way through war-torn, alien invaded Iraq.

The premise of the game is relatively simple – aliens have taken over Baghdad and you need to lead your fleet of ill-equipped armoured vehicles through the streets of the city, completing missions by blowing up towers and getting to various checkpoints. The difficulty ramps up the further you get into the game, with the aliens becoming more and more badass, but help is on hand with regular provisions drops, and the opportunity to add to and upgrade your vehicles.

For a moment you may wonder why aliens chose to stake their claim for world domination with stationary weaponry when they obviously had the technology to get here in the first place. Maybe they ran out of gas – it might explain landing in Iraq. But once you get over that, you can enjoy what is a thoroughly engrossing and addictive game.

Pros: Good graphics, absorbing game-play, and certainly the twist in the tale that tower defence games needed.

Cons: You get your commands from someone who has graduated from the Don Cheadle school of London accents.


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