2 Must Have Portable Microphones

2 Must Have Portable Microphones


2 Must Have Portable Microphones

Now that the world is getting smaller and smaller and it is becoming de rigueur to take a gap year, go travelling to exotic locations take a long holiday abroad, the need to stay in touch with family and friends is becoming more important. Texting and emailing is great, but if you want to feel as if your loved one is in the room with you then you should get a microphone to hook up to your laptop or iPad so that you can speak as freely as if your friend or family member was right next to you.

Blue Microphones are a really useful way to stay in touch with people back home, or even for working on projects that require recording audio straight on to your computer.

Blue Snowflake Microphone: All Of The Sound. None Of The Size.

Blue Snowflake Microphone

The Snowflake is a mini microphone that’s ideal for packing away in your rucksack and whipping out next your laptop for when you are chatting to friends online. For such a small device, the sound quality is incredibly clear which makes it great for students wanting to record lectures or journalists taking audio notes in interviews. The little microphone comes with a small stand and it plugs directly into your computer; it can even clip itself to the top of your laptop’s screen meaning that it is directly in front of your mouth when you talk into it – no craning over and getting back pains for you!

This is a great little investment for anyone serious about decent sound quality in audio chats or note taking environments. The cardioid condenser microphone really is small enough to fit in your pocket and is perfect for voice recognition software such as iChat, VoIP, Skype and Vonage.

Price: $49.95
Link: Blue Snowflake Microphone: All Of The Sound. None Of The Size

Blue Snowball Microphone: Quality Sound From A Quality Microphone

As you may have guessed, the Snowball microphone is a kind of bigger brother to the Snowflake microphone; larger in size, it also comes with a mini tripod stand so that you can have the receiver pointed directly at your mouth as you speak. However, where it really comes into its own is the clarity, depth and general quality of the sound. With a dual capsule CD-quality microphone, the sound is far superior to that of many other microphones in the same price bracket and is perfect for recording music, professional voiceover work and podcasting.

Obviously you can use the snowball for general online chatting but where it really comes into its own is with its ability to pick up every sound in the room with a crisp and clear tone due to the omnidirectional pattern that hears everything at equal volume from all angles, in a 360-degree sphere. The Snowball is compatible with the iPad, which makes it an ideal addition to any musician’s arsenal of iPad recording equipment.

Price: $99.95
Link: Blue Snowball Microphone: Quality Sound From A Quality Microphone

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