Corkbin: A Genu-wine Corker

Corkbin: A Genu-wine Corker


Corkbin iPhone App Review

I should probably point out first and foremost that I’m not a wine man. I can drink it, but I find that all too often I’ve been caught drinking something that ultimately doesn’t agree with me, or the food I’m usually eating.Corkbin, goes some way to fixing that problem for two specific reasons. Firstly, the integrated camera function means I can happily snap a picture of any wine that does take my fancy and secondly, the extras tab also includes a valuable pairings guide – what wine goes well with my meal or what meal goes well with my wine.

There are a few other handy features such as being able to share your finds on social media sites or the ability to look up vino terms in a in depth glossary, but ultimately there just nice little extras the developers have thought to tack on.

It also has to be said that the app itself looks gorgeous. What’s more the elegant design makes not only navigating the app easy but also totally stress free when you’re first getting to grips with it. There’s a real luxury feel about the user interface that makes a welcome change to the logic some developers take, in that a cheap app should also be allowed to be a crappy looking one. Equally, at just £0.59p you’ll never feel like you’re being taken for a ride, especially since the elegant design makes the app feel like it should be sold in a higher price bracket.

Admittedly, I don’t think I would personally buy this app, like I’ve said I’m not a lover of wine, but it would no doubt be an invaluable little app for vino lovers and it would certainly be a good place to start if I ever decided otherwise.


  1. Hi James – Thank you for taking the time & checking out Corkbin! Hopefully you can convert you to a wine drinker at some point. 😉 For beer lovers, definitely check out onTap (


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