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How To Remain A Winner At Online Gambling

Gambling is bloody fun – there’s no questioning it, the rush of winning or even just the anticipation of the results are enough to make your butterflies flutter. I used to think that a lot of the allure was to do with the romanticised image offered to gambling through the media and old-school films such [More...]
Unlock Galaxy S6

How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

After cell phone unlocking became legal we are left with a lot of choices when it comes to unlocking a phone. Sometimes having many choices can be confusing and when the customer needs to decide it can be overwhelming. We decided to list all the possible ways of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 [More...]
5 iPhone problems

5 Most Common iPhone Problems (and How to Solve Them)

Everyone loves a smartphone, and the iPhone is the undeniable king of the market. For proof, you need only look at the advanced orders that pour in whenever Apple announces an iPhone upgrade, and the long lines of expectant fans/customers that wait impatiently outside their local shops for a chance to get their hands on [More...]

Moving Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand: Apps That Will Make Moving Easier

Overwhelmed by the prospect of moving? Desperate for some cheap or free guidance? These five apps will make your next move a breeze: Image via Flickr by d sean dreilinger Search for other app recommendations at – click here. [More...]

Connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Smart TV with an HDMI cable

Although there are number of wireless methods for connecting an iOS compatible device to a TV (these include DLNA and Airplay), using a cabled connection is generally far more straightforward as it doesn’t reply upon a network connection. A HDTV compatible HDMI cable for fast data transfer is a reliable way of viewing your media on a [More...]

5 Ways to Stop Google Maps Killing Your Battery

After the introduction of iOS 6 and the Apple Maps debacle (need a hospital? Then a supermarket you shall have!) we had to wait a long time for mapping normality to resume with the introduction of a Google Maps app. It quickly became the most downloaded app in the Store, shifting more than 10 million [More...]

How To Turn Your iPhone App Into A Money Spinner

Just developing an iPhone app won’t make you a millionaire; you need to put it through a monetization process that takes into consideration  all of the various important aspects of marketing an app. [More...]

4 Ways Instagram Can Change Your Life

Photo by @kchensays “Every man dies; not every man truly lives.” What William Wallace was asserting with this deft aphorism is that due to the finite nature of life, we must seize every day and make it the best that it can possibly be; well, say a big hello to Instagram, the free photo-sharing app that [More...]

How To Automate Your Life With Your Smartphone

Phones do tend towards science fiction nowadays; so often they act as a tiny butler sitting in your pocket, serving up all of your communication, entertainment and pub-quiz-answering needs exactly when you need them. [More...]

How To Promote Your App: Guide To Mobile Marketing

With the app world’s gold rush coming to an end, developers are finding it harder and harder to strike big with a successful app; however, there is still the chance to become an overnight sensation if you give your app the right start. Blue Caribu have created this excellent infographic to show developers how to [More...]