7 Tips For Surviving As A Solo Nomad In Last Oasis

7 Tips For Surviving As A Solo Nomad In Last Oasis


Last oasis is a nomadic survival game where you have to fight off other nomads looking to steal your loot, survive the harsh weather and environmental conditions while moving into new territories with more challenges.

The game is set in the desert where the scorching sun is one of your biggest foes. It destroys lands and makes living in the area unconducive and that is why as a nomad, your best bet is a walker. 

This is a house and vehicle at the same time that lets you move from place to place with your belongings while enjoying some form of cool weather not found outside.

Surviving in this game for long is hard but with some guidance; you may get to enjoy the game for longer. Here are tips that can help you:

1. Walkers are Super Necessary

You are required to build your walker when you start playing the game. Walkers serve several other purposes aside from the obvious transportation and protection from the scorching sun.

You can store your loot in your walker’s storage facilities away from other players who would be looking to steal them.

You can also move into different territories with your loot when your zone eventually gets overrun by the heat from the sun.

You may need to build more than one walker to serve different purposes.

2. Eliminate Rupus to Increase Your Resources

Killing these monkeys-like creatures can be a good way to build your resources especially earlier on. But be careful, they all have varying strengths. While you can easily eliminate most of them, some varieties will pose a harder challenge especially if you mistakenly enter rupu village.

Use whatever weapon you have to overpower and kill the rupus. If you are outnumbered, running may be your best bet. There is no shame in staying alive.

3. Practice in the Oasis Starter

This is the first region you’ll enter when starting the game. Here, the game gives you tips and step by step tutorials on how to play the game.

Follow these tips as they are pretty comprehensive and can quickly give you a head start when you’re starting the game for the first time.

It might be tempting to skip this tutorial and jump right in; avoid the temptation and learn the basics first.

4. Watch Out for Other Walkers in the Horizon

If you keep your eyes on the horizon, you’ll most likely spot other walkers and hide before they see you. This is especially important for solo nomads who will most likely be outnumbered every time.

The best bet is avoiding the fight altogether. Avoid routes and where you’ll most likely meet other walkers. Paying attention to flight patterns and routes will give you an idea of where players are most likely to fly to.

Not only does avoiding those routes ensure your safety, but it also allows you to explore other untapped areas to loot.

5. Use Your Resources to Upgrade Your Armor

There’s no need to pile resources that would be lost when you die. Instead, use your resources to upgrade your armor and get stronger weapons.

This will prolong your life and give you a fighting chance when you get into a fight with another player or even a rufu. With armor and weapons, you may take on and defeat opponents and steal their loot.

6. Transfer Your Walkers

Walkers are hard to build and you wouldn’t want to build new walkers every time you move to another territory. A good way to save your walkers when the zone has been overrun by the heat of the sun is by transferring your walker to the lobby.

This is a way of traveling with your walkers. You may have to transfer your favorite walkers if you have more than one. To do this, take your walker to the edge of the map and then click on escape followed by transfer to lobby to get your walker out of that region with you.

7. Seek Out Conducive Oasis to Loot

While navigating the terrain, be on the lookout for a favorable oasis to loot. You want to get an oasis that is away from the typical route a walker may fly by so you’re not attacked by others after taking your loot.

A wider oasis will generally also mean more supplies to loot so check out the more spacious oasis first before going for smaller areas.

8. Getting Out

If you must survive in this enthralling game you have to outsmart other players, use your resources wisely by upgrading your armory as you cannot run away from a fight forever in last oasis. You can also use last oasis aimbot and more features to make your journey smoother and ensure your safety.


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