Here Are 4 Strategies For Playing NFL Daily Fantasy Sports

Here Are 4 Strategies For Playing NFL Daily Fantasy Sports


There is nothing quite like the excitement of winning your fantasy football league. Besides the money won, you get a huge boost of self-satisfaction from a job well done. The only problem is that it takes the entire NFL season. If you are impatient and want to see some early successes, then there is a way – Daily Fantasy Sports. 

DFS packs all of the excitement of putting together a fantasy football team into one day. Many sports betters are getting the same thrill from DFS as they had from sports betting. To make it even more exciting, here are some tips to give you a competitive advantage against your competition. 

1 – Learn the roster rules

Different leagues have different rules for setting your roster. This will be very important as the NFL season progresses. Find the league that allows for the latest roster settings. 

What that means is that some leagues allow you to set your roster right up until the kickoff. This is an advantage as there are often lots of injuries to starters as the season goes on. You can avoid putting an injured player on your roster since you will know ahead of time if he is starting or not. 

This is especially advantageous on Sundays as often the league will block any roster changes as soon as the first game of the day kicks off. Of course, Thursday Night Football NFL DFS is different as there is only one game usually. 

2 – Understand how points are scored

A roster can only be as good as the points they score. And every league scores differently. Don’t assume that the league you are in has the same scoring system that you are used to. 

Your draft is going to highly depend on how the points are scored. For instance, it isn’t best to pick a good quarterback for your first pick if you can score more points with a good running back. 

3 – Use the Vegas line

Watch what the experts are doing, and you will get an idea of what to expect from the game. The spread is made based on a lot of data that the line makers have analyzed. If they think that a team is going to score 27 points, then you can be sure to have a good day from your players on that team. 

Instead of basing your team roster according to the depth charts, using the Vegas line as a gauge is a good way to hedge your bets a bit. 

4 – Look for low ownership players

Everybody is looking for a diamond in the rough. In other words, the type of player that has a huge upside that is overlooked. When you are drafting, you can see how many owners in that league have picked him. Some low ownership players will give you an advantage since he won’t be on many rosters. If he has a breakout game then you will reap the points.


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