Why should you buy iPhone 5 when you have iPhone 4s?

Why should you buy iPhone 5 when you have iPhone 4s?


The iPhone 5 has been on the market from the past 6 months, with many people now waiting for the new model. However, there are still many people out there who did not liked the idea of updating their iPhone 4S to iPhone 5.  Here’s why those people should think again.

iPhone 5 looks very similar to the iPhone 4S, except for its long size. However, there are many other elements of iPhone 5S that give this phone superiority over 4S model. Here are some of the major and noticeable improvements that are made in the iPhone 5.

Camera Quality

The camera quality of the iPhone 5 is much better than the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 camera is 8-mega pixel and has got an enhanced lens which captures great images, especially in low light.

Improved Processer

The processer of this new model is much more fast as compare to the 4S. the iPhone 5 is equipped with an A5 processer chip which is twice that of its predecessor’s.

Improved Display

As you all know, the display has been improved; the length of the screen has been increased by 0.5 inches and for the game lovers, this new set-up is the most suitable seeing as it provides more pixels with the same quality screen.

Improved portability

You might think that the iPhone 5’s portability will have decreased due to increase in its size. However, the portability has actually been improved as the iPhone 5 is much thinner and lighter than the previous model and it is easier to carry around. It fits snugly in your pocket and is noticeably lightweight.

Better Calling

The iPhone 5 offers a much-improved calling service that Apple users will never have experienced before. Its advanced noise-cancelling feature allows you to hear the voice at the other end much more clearly. In addition, the device is also fixed with third microphone spot that improves voice recognition.

Better Design

You might consider the design of the iPhone 5 to be almost the same as the iPhone 4S, but technically the iPhone 5 has a better shape. The back of the new iPhone has an aluminum strip attached to it, which makes it more appealing to the eye. Don’t take my word for it though, get your hands on one yourself!

Author Bio:

Diana Adams is working as freelance writer from the past two years.


  1. The iPhone 5 has been around for long enough now, that most 4-series owners would be readying themselves to upgrade to the iPhone5S or 6, there is no significant benefit in upgrading from a 4S at this point in time, with the next model just months away. Also, all of the key points you made about the iPhone 5 are bettered by competitors such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, and without many of the drawbacks and limitations of Apple iOS.
    If I was to recommend a phone for an iPhone user, I would consider first compatibility with their existing accessories, such as docks and hifi systems (which are likely incompatible with the iPhone 5+ lightning connector); and the investment that person has made in app/game/music/video/ebook purchases — while the vast majority of users don’t ever download anything more than a handful of content from the iTunes store, on the opposite hand there are also many millions who spend hundreds of dollars on software and media purchases from iTunes — switching to W8P/Android/BB would be a huge factor for most of those people; while if you’re like me and download mainly free apps and all your music is from your mp3 library on your desktop PC, then switching is going quick, easy and economically painless — I urge you to take a leap to freedom now while you are able!


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