Connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Smart TV with an HDMI...

Connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Smart TV with an HDMI cable


Although there are number of wireless methods for connecting an iOS compatible device to a TV (these include DLNA and Airplay), using a cabled connection is generally far more straightforward as it doesn’t reply upon a network connection. A HDTV compatible HDMI cable for fast data transfer is a reliable way of viewing your media on a large screen, and there are numerous products that are capable of performing this task.

It is important to remember that the exact viewing experience will depend upon the age of your iOS product. When people fall in love with their devices, they tend to hold on to them for a few years and this means that if you have an iPhone 4 or earlier (or the original iPad), the display will not be mirrored. This means that it is only possible to get a replica of your iOS display with the newer models. However, with older products, the HDMI cables are useful for viewing photos and videos with compatible applications including the native Video app and YouTube. One other issue will be that any product that uses the standard 30-pin connector will need an additional adapter for the iPhone 5, as this uses the new Lightning socket. The Apple MD826ZM/A HDMI adapter will resolve this issue, but they are currently far more expensive than the other options available

Swees Dock Connector

This accessory has received positive reviews, and it is available for around £10/$15. It acts as a simple dock connector, which means that there is a cable that goes from a standard 30-pin connector to a regular HDMI socket. The TV can then be connected to this with a standard HDMI cable. It is capable of handling a 1080p signal for the highest picture quality, and the short cable makes it ideal for resting on a flat surface.

Koopower Dock Connector to HDMI Adapter

This is another HDMI iPhone adapter with the full 1080p resolution, and it retails at around £20/$30. There are a couple of differences, such as an integrated 1.8m HDMI cable, which means that no other leads will be required. A regular USB cable is also included which can be used for regular syncing and data transfer with iTunes.

Apple MD098ZM/A Digital AV Adapter

This HDMI connection kit includes an extra 30-pin connector, which allows another iOS product to be attached. It is an official Apple product, and the retail price is around £20/$30. The HDMI dock can take any compatible HDMI lead, so a longer cable will allow you to sit further away from the TV while handling your device.


  1. Hello David,

    I want to use HDMI cable to enjoy photos and YouTube videos on a big screen HDTV from my favorite Apple iPhone 4. I connected my iPhone through the HDMI cable using an adapter and nothing happened! Do I need to alter something via the remote or on the TV? Why does my tv say no signal when hdmi is plugged in? Thank David for this post. I am looking for your reply.


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