Ten Fantastic News Apps for Android

Ten Fantastic News Apps for Android


There’s no doubting that it is important to know what is going on in the world around you. With the dawning of the information age it has never been easier to keep up with current events. Technological advances have made it possible for people to stay connected and in touch very easily. News and information from around the world can be brought to you on your Android device. No matter what kind of news that you are interested in, you can have the information you want right at your fingertips thanks to the following list of apps. The following is a compilation of the best news apps. These apps will help you stay up to date and know exactly what is going on in all areas of the world.

1.  Flud

Flud is a news app that is fairly new to the market. Its sole design is centered on letting users read the news with their friends. This social networking news app has an appealing design, but it is only available for Android phones. Users can even link their Facebook accounts to this app. Set up a reading list and share news with your friends.

flud Android App Review

2. Pulse

Pulse is an app that has won the Editor’s Choice award. This app is definitely worth downloading. It can be used on both phones and tablets. Browse through thumbnails of articles and read articles without all of the ads and distractions of the web.

Pulse Android App Review

 3. Google Reader

You can’t have a top ten list of apps without having something from Google. Google Reader is nothing short of awesome. This app has been available for some time, but it has pretty much been blown out of the water by Google Currents. Google Reader is still hands down one of the best RSS readers.

Google Reader Android App Review

 4.  Pocket

Pocket was formerly known as Read it Later. This app can be used with any other news app and it allows the user to save articles that interest them to read later. All platforms are compatible with this app.

Pocket Android App Review

 5. Feedly

Feedly is an app that takes everything that people love about Google Reader and makes it better. The user interface is easy to navigate and it is simple to sync your Google Reader account. Feedly is a great app for obtaining news from around your area and around the globe.

feedly Android App Review

6. News 360

News 360 is a fresh new app that supplies users with news that they want when they want it. A phone and a tablet version are available, with users also having the option to link their social networking accounts to the app.

news360 Android App Review

7.  Flipboard Beta

This news app connects users with their social networks. The beta version of this extremely finely tuned and user friendly. It is very highly rated amongst its users.

flipboard Android App Review

8. CNN

Tablet and Android phone users can enjoy news straight from a trustworthy source. The latest release of the app for Honeycomb provides easy navigation and all of the latest headlines.

CNN Android App Review

9. News Republic

News Republic is extremely proficient in providing up to date headlines. There is a separate version for tablets and phones. Sports Republic has recently been released and it caters to sports fans. Breaking news will never pass you by with this fantastic app.

News Republic  Android App Review

10. Currents

Currents makes it easy to read news from the web on your tablet. Developed by Google, this app can be synced with multiple accounts. While this app works fine on the Android phone, it works even better on the tablet. It offers easy-to-use features and is simple to navigate.

currents Androi App Review

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