The new iPhone: Better Screen Video and Facebook

The new iPhone: Better Screen Video and Facebook


iphone os4 Just before Apple is due to announce a new product, the internet rumour mill kicks into gear and begins churning out rumour after rumour concerning the new technology. This year, with a major Apple announcement coming June 7th, the rumour-millers are harder at work than ever, as two big new launches are due: the new iPhone, and the new iPhone operating system.

While there are millions of rumours milling about on the internet, we’ve tried to narrow it down to the ones based on the actual, physical evaluation of confirmed iPhone 4 prototypes, and the investigation of the recently-released iPhone 4 operating system source code. With that in mind, here are the features that we’re (almost) positive are coming on the new iPhone:

Front Facing Camera

The new phone should come complete with a camera on both the front and back, meaning video conversations will be available for the first time on the iPhone – say hello to video Skype!

Better Rear Camera

While there has been no official word on whether the new camera is an improvement, the lens on the back of the iPhone prototype is much larger than previous models – and in this department, size matters.

LED Camera Flash

Although no firm evidence exists, it has been eluded to in new operating system that the device will have a flash.

Two Mics

Similar to the noise-cancellation technology used by the Google Nexus One phone, two micas will help get rid of background noise.

Special Back Casing

The new case has a special back-plate that allows radio signals to pass through as if there was nothing there, giving the user a better signal wherever they roam.

960×740 OLED Screen

Another innovation inspired by the Google phone, the new thinner and brighter technology means that it is not only the most visually appealing iPhone display ever, but it has freed up room inside the device for…

A 16% Larger Battery

Long battery life is always, always good. Especially considering that the new iPhone OS will give us…


Is set to be supported for the first time, allowing multiple programmes to run at the same time. Listen to Spotify while editing a Google Doc? Easy.

Built-in Facebook

Connectivity from Facebook from the ground up – just like the HTC Sense operating system. Contacts will be synced with Facebook contacts, for easy picture-gathering and birthday-remembering.

Orientation Locks

Twist and turn your iPhone, but keep the screen in the same place – great if you’re an accidental rotator, or use your iPhone while slalom-skiing.

Custom Dictionary

Finally, you can easily swear on the iPhone. Is this an advantage?

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  1. Eight right, two sort-ofs and a no. Not too shabby! Although I really was waaaay out there with the Facebook suggestion. Whoops!


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