Using Your Smartphone To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Using Your Smartphone To Be The Best Version Of Yourself


Your smartphone can offer you so much more than just Facebook and Twitter and the like. Inside your pocket you have one of the most advanced pieces of technology ever created, so it’s time to start putting it to good use! Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds and watching (admittedly funny) videos, start using your smartphone to improve yourself as a person. With that little device by your side, you can become fitter, more successful, and happier…if you use it properly.


Boosting Productivity

Can you imagine how much you could get done if your productivity was through the roof? If you used your time well, always knew where you needed to be, and could take care of several tasks all in one day? Your smartphone can’t do the tasks for you, but they can organize your life to the point where you can structure your tasks clearly. You can match up all your different calendars, make to-do lists, and keep tabs on all your projects. It’s like having an assistant, right there in your pocket.


Keeping Your Health in Check

It’s not easy keeping on top of our health when we have so many other things going on our life, but if we feel good in our body, then we’ll be putting ourselves in a strong position to take care of the other details in our life. Whether it’s a 7-minute workout app that’ll ensure you’re getting enough exercise or a dr app that’ll help you keep on top of your health, your smartphone can keep you healthy even when it feels like you don’t have time to focus on your health.


Exploring Your Passions

Your passion isn’t Facebook or Instagram; it’s something else altogether, something that only a small section of other people understand. But because there are other people out there who share your passion, they’ll almost certainly be an app for it. It’s not easy keeping our passions a part of our life, especially as we grow older and acquire new responsibilities, but if you have a related app in your pocket, you’ll only be a few touches away from reconnecting with something you love.


Thinking Big

Having a passion is all well and good, but what else might you be missing out on? We think of smartphones as being insular devices, but they’re pretty useful for thinking big and learning more about the world. Take a look at the podcast charts, and you’ll find something that pricks your interest, expanding your horizon at the same time. Or you could download a stargazing app and learn more about the cosmos!


Into the Real World

Your smartphone can only take you so far, however. There is a real world out there. Might it be that you’re using your smartphone too much? They’re easy things to lose some time on. If so, you might consider installing an app that reduces your time -or at least makes you aware of how much time you spend on –  your smartphone. Making you better, healthier, more intelligent, and reconnecting you with the real world? Smartphones are pretty awesome!


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