Urbanista LA Headphone: Sleek, Sexy And Sounds Great

Urbanista LA Headphone: Sleek, Sexy And Sounds Great


Urbanista Los Angeles

I love portmanteaus. From Lewis Carroll’s original ‘Jabberwocky’ to the naughtier ‘alcoholiday’, I rarely pass up an opportunity to use one, or even coin my own; that’s why my heart leapt at the blend of two on-trend words ‘Urban and ‘Fashionista’ into the Urbanista brand. Well, it was that and the opportunity to test out some awesome new headphones…

Urbanista are a Stockholm-based design concept shop that produces products geared towards the needs of people who want to function in contemporary society in a cool way; they’re latest offering is the Los Angeles headphone set, an incredibly stylish accessory that any music lover will be proud to wear as they strut around town. Coming in two colours, Fluffy Cloud and Dark Clown, the headphones fit snugly over the ears and have a cord that has an integrated microphone and a 3.5 mm plug that works with most phones and music players on the market. What I love about the extra detachable cord is that if you accidentally step on the wire whilst kneeling or trap it somewhere, it simply detaches the cord rather than snapping it from the headset, which would cost you a pricey replacement. It’s this attention to detail that shows that Urbanista really care about their customers and have seriously regarded their needs…nice one guys!

Urbanista LA Headphone
They’re just so sexy…

The sound quality is really impressive; as a big Bright Eyes fan, I put on their latest album and for the first time ever I noticed that the piano riff at the start of ‘Shell Games’ has a very subtle drumbeat underneath it. I must have listened to this song over two dozen times and I never heard the gentle layers until I used these headphones. Any music geeks will love this attention to detail, as well as the perfect balance between the bass and the treble that allows you to truly appreciate a song in its fullest sonic capacity. Any normal people will just love looking damned sexy in these headphones…can I add ‘sexphones’ to my list of coined portmanteaus? On second thoughts, people may get the wrong end of the stick…

Link: Urbanista LA
Price: $89


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