5 Most Expensive iPhone Apps Money Can Buy

5 Most Expensive iPhone Apps Money Can Buy


Most Expensive iPhone Apps Money Can Buy

iPhones are thought of as rather expensive, especially when compared with cheap to mid-range smartphones that are becoming very popular. For example, the 16GB iPhone 4S is sold for $580 at Amazon without any contract, and though you can find more affordable iPhone deals with mobile operators, the monthly fees are still rather high. However, the price of the latest iPhone is nothing compared to the price of some apps that are designed for it.

Yesterday I was looking for new games for my iPhone 4S and accidentally stumbled upon an app that costs…$1000. I couldn’t believe my eyes but then I found out that there are other apps that in a similar price range. Well, I can’t really afford downloading and testing them all at the moment (and it’s not that I really need them now), but it was interesting to learn that such exorbitantly expensive apps do exist. And here they are:

1. iVIP Black – VIP Black - iVIP Ltd.

The iVIP app for the iPhone is famous in some circles; it helps you get VIP treatment in a number of hotels, restaurants, casinos and other places. iVIPBlack is the cooler version of this app and is expected to attract even more attention to your persona. But to get it you have to not only be able to pay $999.99 for it, but be a genuine millionaire and VIP…good luck!

VIP Black iPhone App Review

2. Agro – Agro - EZi APP

The next iPhone app you can get for the same $999.99 is Agro. Unlike the previous app, this one seems to be more useful; it is designed for agronomists to help them create inspection reports in all possible agronomy fields. I guess that all of those reports can be created manually, too, but this app is supposed to help agronomists save a lot of time, so maybe some of them will be ready to pay that much for it. (I wonder what an agronomist’s average wage is…?!)

Agro iPhone App Review

3. MobiGage Laser – MobiGage Laser - Titansan Engineering Inc.

The next app you can buy for $999.99 is MobiGage Laser, though its developers say they’d sell it for $25,000 if it was possible. Just like the previous app, it’s also useful for people who work in a specific area. The app has a Leica laser and can measure different objects with high accuracy, so it can be really useful in manufacturing plants.

MobiGage Laser iPhone App Review

4. iStutter – Stuttering - Simple Techniques to Help Control Your Stutter - AppWarrior

If you have spare €799,99 (more than $1000), you can also buy the next expensive iPhone app, which is iStutter; this app can analyze your vocal fold activity and help you get rid of stuttering or any other speech problems. Well, you obviously need to be a stutterer to find a use for this app, but if you are, it could be like gold dust.

iStutter iPhone App Review

5. BarMax CA – BarMax CA - BarMax LLC

And the last $1000 app that can be found on iTunes is BarMax CA; perhaps the coolest app in the list. It’s actually a complete bar exam prep course made by Harvard lawyers that includes lectures for more than 12 subjects, tests, different tasks and much more. Education is the best investment ever, so I guess a teaching app is really worth the money you pay for it, even if it’s $1000 for a single app.

BarMax CA iPhone App Review

I assume that there are other expensive iPhone apps out there on iTunes, but I haven’t discovered them yet. If you’ve stumbled upon a stupidly pricey app that is absent from this list, please drop us a line!

Author bio :

Amelia is a journalist for Rightmobilephone.co.uk who likes to spend her free time testing and trying different apps and games on her iPhone 4S.


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