Is Technology Changing the Funeral Industry?

Is Technology Changing the Funeral Industry?


Technological innovations continue to both improve and alter the world we live in. The funeral industry is just one more business that’s being shaken up by the tech community. So, what can we expect in the future?

There are many changes taking place around the ‘business of death’, including something as simple as publishing Winnipeg obituaries online instead of in the newspaper. People are able to be notified of deaths and learn information about services in a much wider arena. This can lead to more support for the families and clearer communication with those who wish to attend services or donate to a cause in the name of the deceased. Although deaths can still be private affairs, the wider use of the Internet and social media means that more people are aware of a person passing than they would have been in the past.

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Funeral providers are also having to change the way they operate because of technology. It used to be that families would have little idea about funeral costs right after a person passed away. High costs were inevitable because families wanted to be done with the whole thing as soon as possible with whichever funeral provider was the closest to them. However, now the Internet allows people to do research into what costs to expect ahead of time. Additionally, individuals are able to do more comparison shopping with sites like Yelp where past customers can post reviews. Businesses are starting to need to offer better customer service in order to maintain sales and stay open. Funeral providers will likely have to work to provide the best possible service and reasonable costing options to customers to keep business. People can also turn to social media to lambast (or laud) a funeral home or florists that provided the flowers – which means these businesses can be made or broken because of their reviews.

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Another notable trend is that funeral providers themselves are offering websites or apps to help the grieving families complete the process with just a few clicks. Providing the loved ones with mobile options can be helpful for individuals that already conduct most of their transactions on their computers or phones anyway. Funeral homes will likely see an increase in sales and an improvement in service if they’re able to offer more accessible tech options. Funeral providers can also use the Internet to encourage people to do pre-planning for their own future services. They can reach these individuals through online advertising that can help draw in customers. This use of technology can ensure that their business is growing no matter what.

As we continue to rely on technology more and more, the funeral industry will likewise have to evolve. But they’re already beginning to adapt, which shows that the industry will grow if they use the Internet to their advantage.


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