The 5 Best Dental Health Apps

The 5 Best Dental Health Apps


Your smile is important, so keeping those pearly whites healthy should be one of your top priorities. But with your busy life, it can be difficult to make sure you’re putting your dental health first. The great news is that there are several helpful apps you can download on your smartphone to get you started on the road towards a better looking, healthier smile.

  1. My Smile

This useful app (available from the Google Play Store or iTunes) helps you get educated on how to properly brush your teeth, as well as answer all of your questions on everything from implantology to orthodontics. Having the appropriate knowledge to keep your mouth healthy can be vital to your overall health.

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  1. Chewsi

If you’re in need of finding a good dentist in your area, check out the Chewsi app (on iTunes or the Google Play Store). Instead of just Googling Winnipeg dental clinic, you can use the app to locate reputable dentists near you. If you choose a dentist through the app, it doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not – they can work out payments with you without all the guesswork of added costs. So you can get any dental work done that you need to at a cost that works for you.

  1. Brush DJ

Do you feel bored when you’re brushing your teeth? Liven things up a bit with this app from iTunes. Brush DJ allows you to play two minutes of music from your device, cloud, or streaming service to keep you entertained while you’re brushing. This can ensure that you’re spending enough time brushing those molars – which means you’ll be lessening the risk of tooth decay and gum disease!

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  1. Dental Phobia

Does going to the dentist terrify you? You’re definitely not alone. That’s why there’s a helpful app (from iTunes) that can make any visit easier for you. Dental Phobia provides you with simple suggestions for coping strategies you can use before and after you step foot in the office. They even offer hypnosis exercises that can keep you calm during any dental procedures.

  1. Colgate Tooth Fairy

If you’re wanting to make sure your kids have healthy mouths too, download this app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. There’s an entertaining game where kids can blast bacteria off of teeth to prevent damage, so they can see that oral care can be a fun thing too. As a parent, you’ll also love the app because you can track your child’s dental health (like how many teeth they’ve lost) and record their brushing sessions.

Make sure you’re getting the healthiest mouth possible by downloading these apps today!


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