STK iPhone 4 Power Case

STK iPhone 4 Power Case


STK iPhone 4 Case
We’ve all been there at one stage or another, desperately willing our iPhone to hold on as it hemorrhages battery. It’s just like a modern day Johnny 5 in our hands.

So, having a slide on battery pack that will provide you with up to 7 hours extra talk time, 265 hours standby time or 18 hours music playback sure is helpful. Plus, the robust case will of course protect your phone from accidental bumps, drops and scrapes.

The only real downside to the case is that it does make your iPhone fairly heavy. In fact, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that your elegant iPhone 4 might look like it’s been hitting the steroids once you slip the STK power case on.

Still, the STK power case is a fantastic asset to have – even if it’s just tucked in your bag – for those rare situations when you desperately need your iPhone to keep chugging away.

Link: STK iPhone 4 Power Case

Price: £34.99


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