STK Boom Box Speaker Dock

STK Boom Box Speaker Dock


STK Boom Box Speaker Dock

Picking a home speaker and dock for your iPhone or iPod isn’t a easy – partly because there’s just so many to choose from.

So, with that in mind, we’re not going to lie and tell you that the STK Boom Box is the definitive speaker system, or that you have to buy this one for the house. Let’s face it, we haven’t tested them all. However, what we will say, is that the STK Boom Box is a pretty solid all rounder that’s definitely worth having a look at.

Aside from it’s main function as a iPod speaker and charging dock, the boom box also features a radio tuner, digital clock and touch pad control. Plus, The Sound Retrieval System (SRS) *insert audience OOOee sound here*

In simple speak, the SRS is basically a very snazzy function that creates an enveloping 3D soundscape using only two speakers. Think of it as a way of increasing ambience and emphasising the audio mix of your big tunes.

Also, more importantly for some people, the Boom Box is fairly good looking. Small, elegant and finished in a matte black – it’s like the little black dress of the speaker world.

You might find that the buttons are at times a little bit fiddly, but overall the STK Boom Box is a fantastic little speaker system for the home. It looks great, sounds great and the price aint bad either. We won’t go so far to say it’s the best, but it sure is solid piece of kit.

Link: STK Boom Box Speaker Dock

Price: £94.99


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