SmartTalk BlueTooth for iPhone: The Ultimate BlueTooth Headset

SmartTalk BlueTooth for iPhone: The Ultimate BlueTooth Headset


SmartTalk BlueTooth for iPhone

For a BlueTooth earpiece that really is the crème de la crème, this stylish and contemporary earpiece from Griffin has it all. With a sleek design courtesy of StepLabs featuring twin built-in mics that allow you to differentiate between your voice and background noise, filtering out any unnecessary noise and giving you a clear and crisp sound on both sides of the conversation. You also receive human voice confirmations in order to make SmartTalk easy to set up and use, getting rid of the annoying beeps and bleeps that can drive you crazy. Charge the SmartTalk in your car’s accessory output using the PowerJolt 12 volt auto charger and get the most use out of this fantastic device. Griffin are currently running a massive reduction in price, so get your hands on it now and you’ll save a fair few pennies.

Link: SmartTalk BlueTooth for iPhone
Price: $39.99 (On sale from $119.99)


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