Top 5 iPhone Musical Instruments – Play with your iPhone

Top 5 iPhone Musical Instruments – Play with your iPhone


Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic iPhone app review

Here’s a collection of all the best iPhone apps out there that function like a real instrument, to the point where there are now people all over the world forming iBands. Seriously…check it out on YouTube; some of the band are pretty inventive albeit a little geeky. If you fancy this lifestyle then these are the apps to use. Rock and scroll.

Ocarina iPhone app review
As close to the real thing as possible this app has a sweet tone and plenty of expression

1.Ocarina –  App updated 19th November 2010, Developed by Smule, Price: £0.59.! Ocarina - Smule

Admittedly not the most rock and roll instrument, but Ocarina is an old favourite of mine and by far the closest an app has come to perfectly replicating an actual instrument. A fully functioning Ocarina you have to blow into the microphone to create the sweet sounding tone of this ancient instrument. The keys are arranged exactly like a real 4-hole ocarina this app you can set the tonality to host of keys and modes; you can even shake to induce vibrato and depth onto the notes.

Pocket Guitar iPhone app review
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele with a host of different effects and pedals

2.Pocket Guitar – App updated 16th, August 2010, Developed by Bonnet Inc., Price: £0.59! PocketGuitar - Bonnet Inc.

Guitar, pedals and amps all in one fancy app. Tons of different sounds, effects and tones to play with as you strum or pick with ease along the fretboard. There is also the option to switch to bass or even ukulele making this app capable of adding the entire string section of your new iBand.

Drums iPhone app review
Tear around the kit with authentic sounds and great graphics

3. Drums! – App updated 8th November 2010, Developed by iFantastic, Price: £0.59! Drums! - iFantastic

There are two different types of drum apps out there; some are drum machine apps and some are drum kit apps. One simply has the buttons for each drum sound, and some have the full drum kit laid out before you to have your way with. Now if you are trying to perhaps get some session work, or support Beyoncé you may want to get the drum machine apps. But if your like me, and play the drums only as an excuse to hit something; download Drums!

Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic iPhone app review
Delicious warm and bright sampled grand piano, capable of all moods and tones

4. Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic – App updated 29th June 2010, Developed by Peter Nagy, Price: £0.59! Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic - Peter Nagy

Pianos are said to be the only instrument capable of replicating an entire orchestra; and with this app you can play across seven octaves of a sonorous sampled grand piano and try a replicate Beethoven’s 5th on you iPhone! View in either two or three octave per screen and roll up and down the keys with lifelike precision. The whole piano can be fine tuned to allow it to play along with any other real instrument or orchestra. With adjustable reverb you can get the right mood from you pieces, then record and playback the bits of magic you may create.

NLog Free Synth iPhone app review
A feast of fat, rich, authentic, powerful synth leads and pads!

5. NLog Free Synth – App posted 2nd July 2010, Developed by Rolf Wohrmann, Price: Free! NLog Free Synth - tempo rubato

Lastly you will need some lead line melodies and glossy pads to finish off your iBand’s first compositions. This app is by far the best in this review, and it’s free! There are countless different rich, full, authentic synth sounds on this app. From gritty saw-tooth leads to spacey, reverberating phasers you won’t be disappointed is the quality of these fully adjustable sounds.



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