Love Your Car? Why Not Accessorise?

Love Your Car? Why Not Accessorise?


Like most people, you were probably over the moon when you got your first ever car. Owning a vehicle is synonymous with freedom, even if the thing still has a tape deck! Years on, the magic has probably faded, and now you may feel a little tired or embarrassed of the sight of your car. One effective way to make it feel new and refreshed is filling it with some accessories like those found on HotRate. Here are a few practical ones you might like…

Busy Parking Lot Tracker

I’m sure you’ve had at least one instance where you’ve lost your car in a crowded parking lot, and had to walk slowly up and down the rows of cars pressing a button on your keys and waiting to hear it bleep. With this accessory, this irritating problem can be a thing of the past! Smart car locators like the ones from Nonda will not only show you exactly where your car is in a sea of others, but also come with a couple of USB ports for charging, which you can never have enough of!

A Mobile Bin

This one’s so simple it’s pretty amazing that it hasn’t had much popularity sooner. Like countless other people, you may try to keep your car clean, but every weekend find soda stains on your cream leather seats and candy wrappers littered over your custom-fitted Weathertech floor mats. It’s good that you’re not littering, but I’m sure you’ll agree that this situation isn’t ideal! Now you can get a compact car trash can from companies like Drive, which can be clipped onto the door, centre console or the back of a seat. Simply having this receptacle handy will make your car instantly cleaner. This is especially handy for long road trips, where you can struggle to find places to stop and empty the car out.

Phone Mounting, Minus the Installation

You might love the convenience of being able to punch in an address and glance down at a map while you’re trying to get there, but not be so crazy about having to make permanent additions to your car. Today, there’s a third option, in the form of an air vent smartphone mount. These great little devices like the ABCO car mount can be hooked onto your air vent with no installation. You can then attach your phone through this accessory’s super-strength magnet, and swivel it whichever way you choose to get a view of the screen.

Grocery Nets

This is another practical accessory which I’m amazed I was able to get by without for so long! With a simple array of mesh nets from ZoneTech, you’ll be able to forget about stressing over spilled vegetables and busted cereal boxes whenever you pull out of the grocery store parking lot (having found your car with your new tracker!). The built-in hooks make temporary installation very easy in most cars, and the nets themselves can be used to stop all kinds of clumsy items from shifting around your trunk.

There you have just a few handy accessories that could make using your car so much more enjoyable!


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