Stress Relief In Your Pocket with Angry Baba

Stress Relief In Your Pocket with Angry Baba


As a kid, I remember making a stress ball with my art teacher and carrying it around. The “ball” was a balloon filled with sand, and although squeezing it was fun and definitely lifted my mood, it was also a huge mess when the ball inevitably broke and spilled everywhere. That’s why I was so excited to find Angry Baba. These days, I’m much more stressed than I was as a ten-year-old… and Angry Baba is a smartphone app that fits conveniently in my pocket, no sand necessary!FanAppic - Angry Baba

Angry Baba is a fun, unique, and mostly free (it has options for in-app purchases) gaming app that’s available for both Apple and Android. The concept of the game is simple: your character (a muscular barbarian) uses his fist to smash meteors or other objects (UFOs, missiles, space worms) as far as he can across the sky. As the object travels, it encounters rubies, which equal points for you. It’s an exhilarating feeling to punch the meteor and watch it rocket across the sky, leaving jewels in its wake.

The app is full of nice features; dynamic graphics, a 3D effect, and a fun soundtrack all add to the experience. And once you’ve got the initial menu figured out, it really is easy to play—just touch and throw. You can customize your barbarian character, too, making him into a zombie, Santa, or a robot. The game does sometimes have ads for other games, but each one only lasts for five seconds before you are able to close it. Angry Baba is well-designed and well-thought-out, giving you a good user experience.

FanAppic - Angry BabaAngry Baba can be a little disorienting at first as you learn how to play, and it might sometimes take a while to load. And the fact that the app is full of typos and bad English doesn’t help as you adjust to the learning curve. But it’s still an exciting game that works even better than a traditional stress ball. Download Angry Baba today to hit the targets, become a barbarian, and blow your enemies away!


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