Jabra Drive: Keep Both Hands On The Wheel While You Talk

Jabra Drive: Keep Both Hands On The Wheel While You Talk


Jabra Drive

You can’t put a price on your own safety, or the safety of others around you when you are driving a car; however, in today’s busy world a lot of us want to stay connected all of the time and this even means when driving. The Jabra Drive in-car speakerphone connects to any Bluetooth enabled phone and hooks up the audio in and output to the speakerphone, giving you the opportunity to hold a conversation whilst driving.

The control buttons are easy enough to use and the sound quality is really clear, as if the phone was held to your ear itself. What I really like about it is that you can connect to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing a Multi-use option that can really come in handy on long car journeys. All in all, a fairly essential little gadget for drivers wanting to stay connected.

Price: £28.77
Link: Jabra Drive

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  1. Bluetooth and voice activated programs are equally be distracting in my opinion due to the fact that your mind isn’t fully focused on driving but on your conversation. It still involves multi-tasking mentally.


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