iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6s: Which is Best For Gaming?

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6s: Which is Best For Gaming?



Most people won’t be concerned with the differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. They’ll fall into either one of two camps; those diehard apple fanboys and fangirls who simply have to have the newest edition of the iPhone as soon as it hits the shelves, and those who use an iPhone because it’s useful, and will just upgrade to whichever one is handiest when the time comes. This article is not for those people. We’re going to look at how the two sixes stack up against each other when it comes to gaming.

The tagline for the new 6s was the typically ironic ‘the only thing that’s changed is everything’, which proved to be a bit of misnomer; those hoping that Apple would skip the ‘s’ phase of their recent phones and move directly to the flashy new 7 were sadly left disappointed. The design and interface of the 6 were left, for better or worse, intact; but what changes did occur, and what does it mean for gamers?

The biggest change, and one that Apple makes almost every upgrade, is the processor. The 6s introduced us to the A9, which statistically is far more formidable than its 2014 iPhone 6 counterpart. It’s 70% faster with general use, and a whopping 90% more powerful when it comes to graphics, marking an important statistic for gamers. As games get more and more intricate and large, if you’re considering becoming a hardcore gamer, the iPhone 6s is clearly ahead by a country mile. Whether you play MMORPGs or just enjoy a casual game of online bingo (and make sure to visit landmarkbingo for bingo online), this new processor is going to ensure you enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Anything else to take into consideration? There’s nothing new to add when it comes to display – the 6 and 6s both have incredibly large screens, clocking in at 4.7-inch 1334 x 750, more than enough to get the most out of any smartphone game around. Another thing is battery life; surprisingly, the iPhone 6s has a worse time here than the 6. Apple incorporated a smaller battery pack to make room for its 3D touch interface nonsense, but giving users concerned about battery life an upgrade with a shorter battery is near criminal. However, at the end of the day, the iPhone 6s pips its little brother at the post, due to the sheer power of its new processor. Though, if we’re honest, the 6 is a perfectly fine phone to play games on too – in short, everyone’s a winner!


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