3 Addictive Android Apps That You’ll Still Be Playing In 2017

3 Addictive Android Apps That You’ll Still Be Playing In 2017



I know, I know. We’re only a mere five days into 2016, is it really necessary to start looking ahead to 2017 already? Well, maybe not. But here we are doing it anyway. Because there are some apps you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you try. You keep them on your phone for months at a time, and you just can’t help digging into them time and time again. Those are the apps that hold a special place in our Android hearts, and here are three of them that are worth mentioning in this shocking premeditative article.

1 – Atomas

While casino games are some of the most playable out there, and there are some that we’ll all no doubt be playing well into 2018, never mind 2017 (click here for mobile casino), we’ve tried to limit this list to standout games that contain a uniquely addictive twist. Atomas is one such game. It’s a puzzle game with a scientific twist. Your job is to create valuable elements such as gold, platinum, and silver by combining atoms, which might sound difficult, but is in fact surprisingly easy to pick up. There’s no time limit to conquer, and yet this beautifully designed number is intrinsically addictive. Why? Elementary, my dear Watson.

2 – Crossy Road

Good old Crossy Road. Featuring a little animal trying to avoid death in a number of extremely dangerous circumstances, it sounds sadistic but is in fact extremely playable. The brilliantly rendered cubic graphics help, as does the rapidity of the gameplay. The ingenuity and key to its addicitivness is the fact that it appears a lot easier to play than it actually is. You’ll think each time you get smashed to pieces by oncoming traffic, ‘I can do better than that’, and head straight for the replay button. The unlockable characters don’t hurt either.

3 – Freaking Math

A fun little number that takes a different tack – the engine behind Freaking Math is very clever, and very simple. The game gives you two seconds to determine whether a simple maths equation is correct or incorrect. It could be as simple as 1+1, but the two second counter remains the same. As you’ll make silly mistakes you know instantly are incorrect, you’ll keep going back to try and get it right the second time around. Ingenious and thrillingly addictive. Which, for maths, is some achievement.


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