How to Get Started Writing Your Own Tech Blog

How to Get Started Writing Your Own Tech Blog


Got a great idea for a tech blog but have no idea where to start? No problem – as long as you’re willing to put in a little hard work, it can be relatively easy to create a well-written blog with good traffic. Here are some steps to take to start on the road to a successful tech blog.

1. Come up with a subject that means something to you

Your first step should be to think through what you want your blog to focus on. Usually blogs are the most successful when they have a personal flair to them. Bringing your own experiences to your writing can help you create something truly original. Think about your hobbies, travel experiences, or something about your personal journey that you think people might be interested in reading about. The topic can be something that’s been done before (like an app review blog but with your own personal spin) or something completely brand new (live interviews with apps developers/silicon valley leaders/R&D scientists and engineers etc). Try brainstorming a bunch of different ideas to see what you can come up with. Having too many ideas is always better than having too few.

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2. Do your research

After you’ve come up with a topic you think people will be interested in (and that you won’t get bored exploring), spend some time doing research on what’s already out there. Use the Internet to search for other blogs in your same topic so you can get an idea on what people are writing about and where your blog might fit into the community. It can also be helpful to use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to see what people are talking about. Once you’ve written some posts, these apps are also ideal for sharing your site and getting more traffic.

3. Learn the basics

Although some people might think writing a blog is easy, there are some things you should know if you want to gain a loyal following (and if you want to gain revenue). Do research online about tips for successful blogs (which can include how to come up with a killer headline, where to find free pics, how to maximize your traffic etc.). If you’re completely clueless about keywords and SEO (search engine optimization), you might want to consider hiring a global SEO agency or even the Best SEO Company Singapore to help guide you through the tougher, more technical aspects.

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4. Put in the work

After you’ve come up with a name, domain, and website design, you’ll need to continue putting work into your blog to make it succeed. That means having constantly new and fresh content that you make sure to share with your readers, as well as putting in extra effort to interact and engage with the folks coming to your site. If you continue to put in the time, you’ll be rewarded with a blog that your readers love.

Don’t forget to use tech resources to your advantage – Apps and the Internet are always your friend! Connect with other blog writers to learn about what tools they use (such as scheduling apps like Asana or budget apps like Toshl) to help make their blogs a hit. Now get to writing!


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