Is Clubbillboard iPhone App The Ultimate Clubber’s Companion?

Is Clubbillboard iPhone App The Ultimate Clubber’s Companion?

clubbillboard iphone app review
Who’d have thought that a converted public toilet in Shepherd’s Bush would be the perfect venue for a night on the town?!

The latest UK clubbing guide has just had a major revamp. iPhoneAppCafe Editor David Harfield decided to put Clubbillboard to the test on a night out and chatted to a West London Club Manager about the benefits of the iPhone app.

Can an iPhone app really guarantee you the best night out ever? Clubbillboard informs hedonistic thrill seekers of where to get their kicks in the best venues around, telling them which clubs are featuring the hottest DJs and bands of the moment. Well, we put it to the test and chatted with Tammi Willis from the eclectic and eccentric West London nightclub Ginglik about whether this iPhone app really does what it says on the tin.

Clubbillboard iphone app review
Clubbillboard allows you to search for the coolest clubs by genre, location or performing artist in your surrounding area.

Now, I enjoy a night out on the town as much as the next guy, however, what can really put a downer on the evening is not knowing which venue to choose. Some of your friends will know about a banging squat party that you need three passwords and litre of Moonshine to gain access to, whereas your other mates will want to go to an exclusive club that is so secret, you have no idea where to find it and spend the night wandering around back alleys until one of you gets mugged. Therefore, the idea of my iPhone guiding me to the most suitable club for my tastes seems like a dream come true. But will it really work?

Armed with a couple of friends, a bottle of vodka and a thirst for entertainment, out into the London night we walked, absolutely oblivious as to where we would end up. After sinking a few drinks in a local watering hole, we decided to hand our destinies over to the iPhone and searched for nearby clubs in our area. Being in West London as opposed to East, there were a few less choices, although there was still a decent selection to tickle our fancy. Would it be the Notting Hill Arts Club, where a dance fusion of funk and soul could get our toes tapping and hands clapping? Could it be Pacha in Victoria, where semi-celebrities stumble over each other, inordinately drunk on £20 vodka and cokes? In the end we opted for Ginglik, a fantastic little bar/club in Shepherds Bush that hosts an array of truly eclectic acts, ranging from comedy nights to techno DJs and live bands.

After paying the advertised price of £6 (early doors), we stepped into a world of wonder, with dimly lit rooms housing excited dancers and tipsy revelers. The app had guided us on a fun night out and had led us to a great venue that we had chosen on the merits listed on Clubbillboard. I managed to get a quick chat with Ginglik Manager Tammi Willis, who answered a few questions about the app:

How long have you been featured on Clubbillboard? They are just one of the many online listings sites that we send our listings to through a central listings system with Bullseye and we have been using Bullseye for about 1.5 years, though I don’t know when Clubbillboard was added to their system. We found out about the app through Bullseye.

Have you noticed a significant change in the amount of people who have come since using the app, or whether you are getting a different crowd because of it? I would say we are busier generally since using Bullseye but that can’t be put down to just Clubbillboard as Bullseye send our listings out to about 50 listings sites.

Would you use the app yourself if you were on a night out? To be honest I didn’t even know it was an app. I’ll download it now and yes I probably would use it, it sounds useful.

So, there we have it guys, if a cool club owner would recommend the app, (not to mention a, er, cool website editor…), it can safely be assumed that it will be an asset to any night out.

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