How Porsche Is Revolutionizing the Car Industry with New Technologies

How Porsche Is Revolutionizing the Car Industry with New Technologies


The Porsche car company has always pushed the limits with their design and features. Their models often have more advanced technology than other brands on the market, and they’re only going to continue to innovate with the recent announcement that they’ll be increasing their technology investments in startups.

In a press release from the German automaker, the company stated they’ll invest about $176 million over the next five years in startups that focus on blockchain, artifical intelligence (AI), and virtual and augmented reality. These tech aspects could end up revolutionzing the entire car industry. Porsche has already been experimenting in the field of blockchain applications due to their partnership with the startup, XAIN. Other brands have followed suit – Daimler AG (the manufacturer behind Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars) said they are also testing their own blockchain digital currency called MobiCoin. This currency would reward drivers for incorporating more eco-friendly habits into their driving. Audi also noted that they’ll test this technology for physical and financial distribution processing.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Porsche is also investing in a startup that allows customers to virtually manage their vintage vehicles (including the entire car history) and share this data with other users in a secure system. Another technology startup called WayRay is helping Porsche technologically advance by developing holographic augmented reality head-up displays to allow for a more seamless driving experience. They’re also producing the technology to integrate virtual objects for the driver.

Porsche drivers are already treated to the advanced tech of the Porsche Connect system which comes installed in their vehicles. Porsche Connect allows you to connect your smartphone with the car, creating the ability to access navigation and trip planning options, as well as to check the health of your car (such as fuel and oil levels and tire pressure). You can even lock and unlock your vehicle from your smartphone. There are also roadside assistance and emergency services available through Porsche Connect, so you can have peace of mind any time you get behind the wheel. For certain models, some Porsche drivers can use their phones to access offroad and road trip apps.

The manufacturer is also installing the very latest entertainment technologies with impressive sound package systems, as well as central control units for all infotainment and entertainment needs. Some models even contain high-resolution touchscreen displays, so your driving experience will always feel top-of-the-line.

In the next couple of years, Porsche will only continue to invest time and money into improving the technologies they use in their vehicles. As a frontrunner, they’ll likely inspire other manufacturers to step up their game as well. Soon, advanced technology will be available to all drivers on the road.


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