Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to IOS and Android! Amazing Time To...

Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to IOS and Android! Amazing Time To Be A Mobile Gamer


Ports of classics like Pac-Man, Final Fantasy 1-3 and even Chrono Trigger are nothing new to the IPhone gamer, but PS2 games? Apparently so! Details after the break:Grand Theft Auto 3 the game that seemed to get everyone talking gamers and non-gamers alike is coming to both IOS and Android today for a cool 5-spot. You’ll need a higher spec Android phone like a Galaxy SII or Atrix to play it of course. Between this and ports of PSP games like War Of The Lions its an exciting time to be a mobile gamer. It is also good to see the Android guys getting some love at the same time as the IPhone guys this time. What do you think? IS this a must buy? Let us know below.

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