Top 7 iPhone 4S Tips

Top 7 iPhone 4S Tips


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The iPhone 4S has only been available a short time, and already it is turning into the most loved iPhones ever. Selling in record quantities worldwide, the iPhone 4S means that a very large percentage of smartphone users the world over are using an iPhone, and a growing number of them are using the brand new iPhone 4S.

This cutting edge phone may be old hat for some users who have had iPhones previously, but even these users are probably wowed by some of the new features like Siri. Other users who are new to smartphones or new to the iPhone may still be adjusting to how the iPhone looks, feels and operates.

Whether you are an iPhone veteran or new to these devices, you want to be sure that you are utilizing everything that your iPhone 4S has to offer. The following are seven of the top iPhone tips to help turn you into a comfortable and confident iPhone 4S near-expert.

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1.) You can customize your iPhone 4S

One of the big beefs that a lot of Android fanatics have with iPhones is that they feel that they aren’t customizable. Apple’s iPhones are complete, polished packages, and that does mean that they are a little less flexible with optimization than some of their competitors’ devices, but there is a lot that you can change up. From how you get notifications to how you want the wallpaper to look, there is a lot you can do; spend time in the settings menu and you will find lots of great things to adapt.

2.) Siri needs to know all about you

To help Siri, your new assistant, help you an address book edit is in order. As you go into your contacts you want to be sure to fill in the fields about related people. This way Siri will know what you are talking about when you want to call your wife or send a text message to your brother.

3.) Set up Wi-Fi Sync

This is one of the coolest new features, and it can make syncing your phone easier than ever. When your phone is charging, you can sync it up via your network. You will have to open iTunes on your computer to do this, but it is super easy and convenient, especially if you don’t have a large amount of new data to copy.

4.) Become a keyboard master

Keyboard tricks and shortcuts are common on computers and phones, and your new iPhone 4S is not an exception. As you are typing, you can add a period and capitalize the next letter by hitting your spacebar twice. You can touch and hold a character to reveal a list of special characters. This is only the beginning of the cool tricks and shortcuts with the newest version of iOS.

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5.) Create playlists from the iPod app

You can make playlists quickly and easily on the go. There is a button to add a playlist in the playlists area. After you name your playlist, you can quickly and easily add any song or video or even entire albums to your playlist while you are out and about.

6.) Print wirelessly from your phone

To do this without a printer specific app, you will need a specific printer: one that has AirPrint. AirPrint allows you to print photos, email, documents and more wirelessly from your iPhone. If you have a printer by a company like Epson or Hewlett Packard with AirPrint, you won’t have to install another app; you can simply hit print.

7.) Use your camera like a pro

The camera is one of the most impressive parts about the new iPhone 4S. An 8 megapixel camera, it can also shoot 1080p full high definition video, which is a pretty impressive list of specs. There are plenty of apps like Instagram and Socialcam that are free and can let your images and videos look even more stylish and professional even though your shot them using your phone.

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