Christmas e-cards: Festive Photographs!

Christmas e-cards: Festive Photographs!


Christmas ecards iPhone App Review

Do you want to add a Christmas twist to your photos and turn them into cards to share with others?

If yes, then you need to get downloading this Christmas e-cards app in time for Christmas!

Pros: The app allows users to either take a photo or choose an existing photo from their library to begin adding a range of Christmas effects. The app provides a range of Christmas images and icons, which can be placed and arranged onto photographs. These visuals can be rotated, flipped and scaled to fit exactly where you want them. This creates a fun, cute and effective e-card, which can then be sent and shared via email, MMS, Facebook and Twitter. Users also have the option to save, print and bin their creative e-cards.

Cons: This app may only prove popular during the Christmas season and may therefore not really get used at any other time of the year. Updates could include a chain of apps to cover all seasonal and religious festivities throughout the year. The app is also geared towards cute visuals so may be great for those users customising photographs of children but limiting its appeal to any other users.


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