CordCruncher: Exclusive Review Of World’s Only Tangle-Free Headphones!

CordCruncher: Exclusive Review Of World’s Only Tangle-Free Headphones!


CordCruncher Headphones

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. From re-sealable Pringles lids to self-sticking stamps, our society has progressed for the better with small steps just as much as giant leaps. Now, with a solution that will stop you getting your headphone wires tangled up it seems that we have reached the pinnacle of excellence in technological innovation!

OK, so I may be exaggerating somewhat when it comes to the CordCruncher’s world-changing potential, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle throughout your day-to-day life. The set of headphones uses an elastic-sleeve that adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet and sucks up any extra cordage, meaning that you will get no unnecessary entanglement when wearing them. My pair comes in electric blue, which makes them very easy to spot on my desk when leaving in the morning!

One thing that I have to mention is how genuinely impressed I was with the sound quality; the ear buds block out any outside noise and deliver a big, bass-heavy beat that easily rivals anything else that I’ve tested in the past year.

As Jay Johnson, president of CordCruncher, says, “The CordCruncher Headphone literally wraps up the music experience for those who are tired of fussing over jumbled and knotted ear-bud cords. The CordCruncher can be easily crunched after use for hassle-free storage in a gym bag, or stylishly worn as a bracelet or necklace between uses. TheCordCruncher headphone is practical and fun.”

The headphones are available on a pre-sale basis here; the Kickstarter campaign is giving people the chance to back the project with lots of interesting incentives; check it out!

Link: CordCruncher
Price: $20


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