Clash for Dawn is an action RPG built from the ground up...

Clash for Dawn is an action RPG built from the ground up for mobile out now on iOS and Android



The Chosen One’s power has been scattered across the length of Midgard and only a true hero can gather it and save the land from a lengthy war between man, elf, and the hordes of the underworld.

And you are that hero in Clash for Dawn, a brand new mobile action RPG that challenges you to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.

There are four classes to choose from which each favours a different playstyle. The Warrior likes it up close and personal while the Archer prefers to fire accurate arrows from a distance.

If magic is more your thing there’s the Mage for fireball lovers and the Priest if you prefer to take on a more supportive role.

You’ll grow in power as you battle across Midgard and, eventually, you’ll be ready to take on the challenging dungeons, where unbelievably big bosses wait to crush you.

A friend can join you in multiplayer dungeon quests if these bosses prove too much or you can join a guild and take part in group raids, guild versus guild tournaments, or Protect the Goddess mode.

There’s also PvP for those that like to fight with their friends instead. You can battle it out in game-wide tournaments, hourly events, and PvP arenas.

Plans are already underway for future content, with voice chat, dragon pets, and a new Raid Tower mode leading the charge.

Clash for Dawn is out right now in the App Store and Google Play.

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