The Name’s Time. CB Time. The Sleekest App Around.

The Name’s Time. CB Time. The Sleekest App Around.



With the release of the latest Bond outing, Spectre, just around the corner, it seems more than a little apt that the latest app we’ve got in for review is one of the most Bond-esque devices ever to cross our path. As a 34-year-old coder who still lives with his best friend from secondary school, this kind of stuff excites me to no end, and I couldn’t wait to share this one with you. Sure, there have been apps before that would’ve fit snugly into the Bond universe, but cb Time, new this year from developer Christopher Bohn, is different. Cb Time makes you feel like you could actually BE Bond. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, the app is out now for iOS.

So, if that didn’t sell it enough, I suppose you want to know what the thing does. Well, it’s an alarm clock. Just an alarm clock, you cry? No! Not just an alarm clock! It’s an alarm clock with a secret. But we’ll get to that in a second; first let’s talk about the clock. It’s a stylish, sleek, sexy looking clock, that will wake you up with the beautiful, original melodies from famed U.K. (where else, Mr. Bond) composer Helen Jane Long. It’s finished in sweet, sweet black, though probably ‘onyx’ or some other fancy word is used instead. If you’re bored with the same old Apple display clock, cb Time is the classiest choice around.

And it comes with a secret. Pushing back the glass on the clock-face will let you input a six digit access code using the hands of the clock (an insanely cool little touch), giving you access to a secret vault where you can store the most precious data on your phone. And when the developers tell you this stuff is safe, they mean it. They’ve utilitsed the world’s best encryption, the 256-Bit AES algorithm, in their app, which means you can be certain you’re protected at all times. And in true Bond fashion, it also comes with a self destruct button. Intialising ‘panic mode’ makes it so that all data is erased after five unsuccessful code entry attempts. Add to that the fact that the specialised ‘theft folder’ will make sure to snap a shot of any would-be thieves trying to unlock your vault, and you can be damn sure no one’s going to be attempting re-entry.

While this all sounds flashy, the app backs it up by just feeling secure. You know what I mean, some of these Mickey Mouse apps just feel paper thin. Cb Time, however, feels like a lot of time and development have gone in to its creation. It’s very slick, very easy to use, and extremely practical. For anyone worried about the ever-looming threat of digital or physical hacking, cb Time is here to save the day.

Set your sights on the App Store to get acquainted with cb Time today!


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