JimmyCASE: The Destroyer Of Wallets (Not In That Sense)

JimmyCASE: The Destroyer Of Wallets (Not In That Sense)



Are ye olde wallets becoming an antique? In fifty years, will we be looking back and laughing at the bulging pockets of yore? Let’s consider the primary functions of the wallet – carrying business cards and carrying cash (money and cards). The first one’s a write off immediately; who carries business cards around these days? It’s all up in the cloud, baby, don’t waste the cardboard. And cash; well, cash might’ve been king at one point but the only physical money I use these days is for those ever-increasing bus fares. And believe me, when I have to faff around looking for an ATM, then buy a Mars Bar for chump change, all in time to make the last bus home – I am not a happy camper. All of which is a long way to say; you really should check out jimmyCASE. And here’s why.

Everyone and their great grandmother has a smartphone. Most business these days is conducted via those ingenious little devices, be it route-finding, emailing or actual phonecalls. But protecting the things is a real hassle. They shatter like china at the drop of a hat, though if you were to drop it in your hat you might be alright. Protective cases for the buggers abound, but none are more practical or more aggressively hip than the brand new jimmyCASE. A hybrid between a phone protector and a wallet, the jimmyCASE is beautiful simplicity at its very best. Featuring full screen protection and a sleek wood-style backing, the case comes complete with a band of elastic fabric which will keep a tight grip on the only item you need from your wallet; a credit card.

‘I’m afraid of it slipping out’, I hear you cry. Well, that’s what she said. But never fear, jimmyCASEs aren’t some cheap knock off; each one is handcrafted personally for you by skilled artisans in good ol’ East Los Angeles, California. The fabric is hand-woven and will hold your cards secure for months upon years, and won’t mind you throwing a few other bits and pieces in there too; the material adapts without losing shape. Add to that the fact you can choose from a huge variety of vivid colours (or plain day colouring, if you’re that way inclined) and the jimmyCASE just might be one of the most stylish and pleasing accessories to hit the market in a long time. Just check out this iPhone 6S plus wallet case. And though it may spell the end for wallets, the generous pricing means it won’t figuratively destroy yours.



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