CinemaSeat 2: A Cinema In your Back Seat!

CinemaSeat 2: A Cinema In your Back Seat!


CinemaSeat 2 A Cinema In your Back Seat

If you are taking your kids on a long distance journey and don’t want to be hassled with screams, kicks and endless choruses of, “Are we there yet?” get your sticky mitts onto a CinemaSeat 2, a tailored iPad 2 holder that attaches around your car’s headrest and perfectly positions your iPad 2 behind the backseat for anyone riding in the back to view. They can play games, watch videos, listen to music and gives them full access to the iPad’s controls.

What we really like about the CinemaSeat is that you can plug a set of headphones in to the iPad and stretch the cable to your ears, meaning that anyone in the backseat can watch and hear the action on screen without disturbing the driver; safety first, remember. Whether it’s noisy children or loutish mates riding in the back seat, you can shut them up by giving them something to entertain their minds while you concentrate on driving.

Price: $39.99
Link: CinemaSeat 2 For iPad 2

Price: $49.99
Link: CinemaSeat for iPad

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