Bēm Wireless Unveils Tennis Ball-Sized Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

Bēm Wireless Unveils Tennis Ball-Sized Bluetooth Mobile Speaker



Keeping in line with the old adage, “good things come in small packages,” bēm wireless has begun shipping its portable mobile speaker worldwide.

Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, this Bluetooth powerhouse can be taken on the road for good tunes anytime, anywhere.

“We got rid of the wires, and packed this small unit with amazing sound quality,” said Bryan Katzel, product development manager for bēm.

“We wanted to keep this speaker small in order to clean up your living space, and give people the option to toss it into a suitcase, backpack or even a pocket. We believe good music should be readily available no matter where you go.”

The 2.5-inch cubed mobile speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, iPod or tablet. It boasts up to 25-feet of working wireless range with a mini USB port to charge your device.

An Aux In and Aux Out offer users more connecting options to hook up multiple devices. The mobile speaker battery gives users about five hours of continuous listening time.

The mobile speaker comes in six colours to allow you to customise and express your own personal style and flair. If you want bright and bold – check out the orange, red, purple and green options. Looking for subtle and sleek? Then the traditional black or white might be for you.

Available at: Amazon.com and www.bemwireless.com.

Price: $69.99


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