Jetpack Joyride: The Ultimate Endless Runner

Jetpack Joyride: The Ultimate Endless Runner


Jetpack Joyride iPhone App Review

There have been a lot of endless runner games on the app store over the past few years; with the incredibly simple controls and repetitive structure what is it about these runner games that are so damn addictive?

Well, I think it is usually down the graphics, characters and achievements; Halfbrick manages to incorporate all three of these elements into this fantastically addictive game. You play as Barry Steakfries – a loveable hero who’s cheekily checking out all the jetpacks in a top secret laboratory. All you have to do is tap the screen to ascend and let go to descend…and collect coins and tokens, avoid lasers and hi-five scientists of course.

The real addictive quality of this game is the missions, as you unlock and complete each one (which can include scraping your head against the ceiling or sliding on your face) you collect stars which in turn lets you collect trophies. There are various things to help you achieve your goals including different ‘vehicles’ for you to stomp on people with or gobble up coins with. You can also collect tokens to use in a fruit machine at the end of each run.

Pros: Great cartoonish graphics and totally addictive!

Cons: Would really love to see alternative modes such as a pure ‘high score’ challenge and possibly even some different levels? (Fingers crossed for that in the update!)

Anyone who has had fun playing games such as Canabalt or Grim Joggers; go get yourself some Barry Steakfries action!


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