Apple releases World’s First Thunderbolt Display

Apple releases World’s First Thunderbolt Display

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Apple embarked the new Apple Thunderbolt Display, which comes with a first time blend- Thunderbolt I/O built in and ultimate docking station for the Mac governed Notebooks. You can just connect the Apple Thunderbolt Display through a single cable and get access to some incredible piece of experience. You have tons of stuff to explore like the FaceTime Camera, high end audio effects, FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt ports and USB 2.0. It is designed exclusively for Mac Users where they can enjoy elegant display features with something called MagSafe connector which charges the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Lets peep inside the this incredible piece brought up by Apple.

The Thunderbolt I/O Technology

This technology is believed to be the quickest and pretty flexible I/O which just enables you display to perform incredibly better and the best. The Thunderbolt I/O Technology enables your data to move the fastest way between your devices and your personal computer. It is reported to be faster than the USB twenty times, where when comparing with the FireWire 800 it is 12 time faster. And the best part is you can connect six different devices through one and only single compact port. And this is the first time you will get all the power and flexibility via a port built inside the display. This is what makes the Apple Thunderbolt Display more than a screen.

The bigger display the better the ideas

When you connect the Mac Notebook with Apple Thunderbolt Display, get ready to get the most panoramic viewing experience, indeed it would keep you drooling around this world. The Thunderbolt Display is designed to enlarge the screen area of Mac Notebook and have a benefit of Thunderbolts’ with implausible two way transfer speeds of 10GBPS. The screen comes with 16:9 edge to edge glass design with black border having a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 1000:1 contrast ratio, angle of 178 degrees, 12 MS response and the ambient light sensor which is capable of managing the brightness the way the surrounding demands. With such stunning features, you can work with the Apps more with convenience and ease on your MacBook Air. Also you get good pixels for the MacBook Pro and many more useful tools for your iMac mini or iMac.

Single compact port a great leap

Imagine you can hook MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini; iMac now gets you a world class access of high end resolution displays with lighting speed and that too with one single compact port. Too abstract to believe, but its true as far as the new Apple Thunderbolt Display is concerned. This has become reality since ThunderBolt is works upon two basic technologies including the PCI Express and – the Display Port. The PCI links you with high performance components in a Mac, when it is built inside the Thunderbolt. Thus you can hook external devices like video capture tools, RAID arrays directly to the Mac. This is used the first time in any sort of computer. Besides you can also deal with workstation project as Thunderbolt gives 10 watts power to the peripherals. Furthermore, the PCI Express helps you connect your current FireWire and USB peripherals and also the Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel Networks by simply using normal adapters.

Final Word

There hordes of stuff to discuss about Apple Thunderbolt Display, what you read above can be called as glimpse of this incredible piece by Apple. It’s not just a display but many things and can be compared to a Magic hat, where you can keep getting something new every time you put your hand inside it. Similar is the story of Thunderbolt display, thanks to Apple persistent and creative efforts which made this possible for the Mac users to enjoy an incredible stuff. And every time you use, you have something new to enjoy and explore.

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