Scorecenter: A Must Have iPad App For Sports Fans

Scorecenter: A Must Have iPad App For Sports Fans


Scorecenter XL iPad App Review
If they the self-appointed World Wide Leader in Sports, ESPN , is not careful, their free Scorecenter app could make the network obsolete. In today’s fantasy sports obsessed fanbase, having an app that not only tracks scores, but a database of play by play and individual stats available at your fingertips on your iPhone or iPad, is invaluable. And if this were not enough, the real time live updates over your favorite teams, or at least teams featuring your star fantasy performers, is more than just icing on the cake. It IS the cake.

During the nailbiting final game of the regular season for baseball, I was out with some friends who chose a bar that featured no televisions. Is this even possible?! Watching the play by play on my phone of the more than epic Phillies vs. Braves game was as close to authentic as possible, and almost more satisfying than the real thing. In fact, it is a perfect companion to the game on television, featuring a pitch tracker that shows a graph of the location and result of every pitch. It gives a great portal to the mind of the pitcher and catcher battery’s strategy, and the result is a much greater insight into the game.

Paired with ESPN’s Fantasy Tracker, free as well, one can keep track every moment of Sunday’s action during football season, without shilling out for DirecTV’s Redzone package. I refuse to purchase an entire satellite service that I would truly only appreciate one day a week.

Once again, ESPN proves themselves to be the Worldwide Leader, in a most satisfying fashion to the more obsessive than normal sports fan that counted down the days until opening night of Moneyball.


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