Legacy Organiser: Document Your Life On Your iPhone (Sponsored)

Legacy Organiser: Document Your Life On Your iPhone (Sponsored)


Legacy Organiser iPhone App Review

Documenting your life has become more and more popular with the advent of Facebook and its ilk, where you can post future memories in the form of updates and photographs; well, Legacy Organiser is an iPhone app that takes this one step further and actually allows you to record defining moments of your life, create a soundtrack and a list of targets that you have to hit before you leave this mortal coil and leave instructions as to how you want your affairs ordered after you pass away.

If this seems a little daunting, it’s because it is; however, it’s better to arrange you memories and prepare for the future rather than simply plod along and wait for the future to happen. Legacy Organiser is a fantastic way to organize your life and create an anthology of memories that you and your loved ones can drop in on at any time, just at the touch of a screen.

Tunes, tunes, tunes…

OK, so let’s get down to basics; the app itself is remarkably easy to use, with a bright, accessible interface and a quick loading time. The layout is set like a diary where you can fill in your personal details and a profile picture of yourself; the categories are divided into ‘Photos’, ‘Music’, ‘Events’, ‘Memoirs’ and ‘Farewell & Will’. With the photos you simply upload them from your iPhone or computer to your ‘Life Album’; you can then add a song from iTunes in order to Soundtrack your photo show – this is a really fun feature, as you can match certain songs to suit the mood of your photographs. You can also tag tunes to people through Facebook and post your list to your Facebook wall.

Tick off that Bob Dylan concert with his latest tour!

My favourite feature on the app is ‘The Bucket List’; no, it’s not a link to that weepie film with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, but a list of experiences to achieve before you die. This is part of the ‘Events’ section and you can also record life defining occasions, experiences and memories in the diary-style notepad along with images to accompany your text.

So, who was your best snog?!

The ‘Memoirs’ section is another really fun, interactive element of the appp, where you can enter diary entries of moments like ‘Best Kiss Ever’, ‘”Sliding Door” Moment’ and ‘Life Lessons’. Each section has a percentage calculator to see how far you’ve got in achieving your goals; the beauty of these concepts is that you can always update your life history, just in case you meet an even more special someone for an even better kiss…!

Now for the slightly morbid bit: ‘The Farewell’. No one likes to think about the end, however, you would be doing your family and friends a favour by instructing them on exactly how to carry out your last rites; the details are impressively intricate, with notes on dress code, eulogy and flowers and decorations amongst others.


The whole overview of the app is called ‘My Legacy’ and this is a fitting summary of the app itself; without getting too philosophical about things, our modern culture seems to have moved beyond seeing possessions as the most important thing that we own and can bestow, but rather we value experiences, memories and moments captured in time over more tangible properties like houses and cars. Legacy Organiser is a fun and useful way to keep track of your life’s achievements and set goals for your future self to aim for; well worth the couple of bucks!


  • Very simple to use with an intuitive format.
  • Bright layout that engages you and makes you want to explore the diary-style app.
  • Simply a really good way of documenting your life and giving you goals to aim for.
  • The app interacts with Facebook really well, so you can update your posts with your goals and achievements.

Room For Improvement

  • It would be great if you could add videos to the diary part of the app; perhaps an update for the future?
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  1. I LOVE this app! It is a really cool way to track your life’s progress and set goals and the social networking feature is really useful…however, so far today I have only achieved my goal of eating half a tub of ice cream! Tick!

  2. This is a fantastic app – it is easy to use and lovely to look at. For what could be a sad subject, it actually makes you feel really positive about your life looking back and going forward. Would highly recommend.

  3. Although it is about death, it encourages you to think of all the things you would celebrate about your life, so it has an amazing feel-good factor. You are left in a very positive frame of mind as you select and relive the highlights of your life. Cheaper than therapy!


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