5 Top Tips On How To Effectively Market Your iPhone App

5 Top Tips On How To Effectively Market Your iPhone App


5 Top Tips On How To Effectively Market Your Smartphone App

A couple of weeks ago we gave you the opportunity to ask successful app developer Trey Smith any burning questions that you may have regarding marketing your iPhone apps. We received many questions and had to cut the questions down to five of the most popular ones.

We thank Trey for taking time out of his busy schedule to share some of the wisdom that has made him a very successful developer and we hope that these answers will be of use to you in iPhone app marketing.

1. How to grow virally?

I’ve found the biggest thing to help you grow virally is multiplayer. We put this in our Maze+ game and it stayed in the top 25 for about a week. That’s not unusual for the paid charts, but it’s an eternity for the free one!

2. How can I get more downloads to my iPhone apps?

To get traffic (and downloads) you either need a marketing strategy OR a big network of iPhone apps that promote each other. I’ll be discussing both of these things on the how to make money webinar.

The Maze+ game made over $20,000 last month, we were really pleased with that!

It’s more crowded in the iphone app store but there are more also more eyeballs. So it’s a big payoff for people who can push good iphone apps to the top.

3. What is the key to a successful iPhone app marketing strategy?

Well, first off, I’ve only released 8 iPhone apps. We’re a really small team. But two of those 8 iPhone apps have broken the top 10 list of all free iPhone apps.

The most important aspect is building a NETWORK of iPhone apps that promote each other.

4. How can I make money with my apps by going “free”?

We are now using 100% free iPhone apps with in app purchases! I’ve found it’s just much easier to monetize this way because you don’t have to “sell” them an app to get on their device.

5. Mobile travel guide apps are an incredibly tricky medium because hardly any app review sites give priority to reviewing them. How does an app developer establish credibility (e.g. brand recognition) in the international market? Who should I be asking?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you (or your brand) are unknown. The key is providing your prospect (e.g. newspapers and magazines) with an offer they can’t refuse. What will your iPhone app do for them? How will you get them new customers? How can you add incremental revenue for them? Answer these questions and you will have their attention.

Trey Smith on App Marketing Trey Smith has sold over $10,000,000 of his software, apps and information products online.  Trey started internet marketing in 2005 after a failed attempt as a Real Estate Salesman and made over $1,000,000 net profit his first full year online… he was 27 years old.

Trey now teaches people all across the globe through his bloglive seminars and webinars, how to create, market and sell iPhone apps and games.  He currently has 6 apps in the app store including the Top 20 hits Jump Pack & Maze+.

You can listen to him speak on this live webinar: How to make money with iPhone Apps!



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